Payment Processing Forms and Documents

The forms and information provided on this page are meant as a resource for you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

To view PDF files, your computer or mobile device must support PDFs. If you are unsure about your ability to view PDFs, you can download Acrobat Reader for free.

Standard Merchant Application

This is an application for a merchant ID number. Normally, we fill this out for you after we confirm business requirements.

Merchant Disclosure Forms

All the important legal information in one place.

Data Flow Diagram

This is how data flows in our standard system integration.

Hardware Specifications

Point of sale hardware specifications.

For NYC residents only– the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs requires us to request and document your preferred language. You may inform us of your language preference by contacting us at 800-616-0166. Also, a translation and description of commonly used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the Department’s website,

MSB conducts its business in English but also offers limited verbal and written translations and services in Spanish on some accounts/clients. Please note that we cannot guarantee our verbal translation and support services/language access services will always be available in Spanish during business hours, and they may not be offered or available for certain accounts. If not available, we will communicate with you in English.