Advanced Court Solutions

Optimize your revenue recovery.

We’re Different… and That’s Better

For three decades, our perseverance, strategic risk taking, broad solution set, and adaptability have helped ensure optimal outcomes for our hundreds of clients and those they serve. We routinely exceed our clients’ expectations thanks to our scale, compliance, technology, and innovation.


We are part of Navient, a leading provider of business processing solutions with a $1.6 billion market capitalization, 6,500 employees, and a coast-to-coast footprint.



We bring the nationwide licensing, business resiliency, and Better Business Bureau accreditation you should expect from an industry-leading partner.



From real-time data and reports for you and your staff to innovative constituent-engagement strategies, our platform delivers a modern, dynamic experience.



We can create a solution tailored to your unique needs.

We have deep experience collecting a variety of debt types: court fines and fees (including restitutions), emergency medical service (EMS) debt, tax debt (e.g., property and business tax), municipal debt and utilities, toll fees, and traffic and speeding citations.


Is your collections partner committed to ethics and regulatory compliance?

More than ever before, your constituents expect you to partner with principled, mission-driven organizations.

So how can you evaluate potential collection vendors, to ensure they are aligned with your ethical standards? Use our best practice checklist to help find the right partner for you.

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For Your Agency

Tailored collections strategies ensure your program is suited to your unique goals, expectations, requirements, debt types, and constituent profile.

Our real-time client portal gives you insight into our performance and the status of each account. Plus, you can submit files, recall accounts, and get live chat support.

Comprehensive reports give you the information you need to track and share outcomes.

When legal expertise is needed (e.g., garnishments and litigation), we partner with top law firms.

We can offer additional, value-add services through our own organization or through our fellow Navient companies. Available solutions include:

Ensure optimal outcomes for your agency and those you serve.

For Your Constituents

Convenient payment methods enable people to satisfy their obligations in any way that works for them.

Bilingual communications and phone support ensure constituents understand their debts, how to resolve them, and how to avoid incurring more in the future.

Depending on your preferences, we offer individuals flexible payment plans that help them satisfy their obligations quickly and fairly. These may include novel resolution options (e.g., installment plans, "payment" via community service/mentoring time, and waivers) that can be particularly effective among constituents coping with economic hardship.


SMS text is a convenient, contactless, and easy way for individuals to repay their debts.

In turn, you can enjoy improved cash flow.

Our pay-by-text campaigns have been extremely successful, generating response rates 10 times higher than some clients' phone-based campaigns.

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For NYC residents only– the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs requires us to request and document your preferred language. You may inform us of your language preference by contacting us at 800-616-0166. Also, a translation and description of commonly used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the Department’s website,

MSB conducts its business in English but also offers limited verbal and written translations and services in Spanish on some accounts/clients. Please note that we cannot guarantee our verbal translation and support services/language access services will always be available in Spanish during business hours, and they may not be offered or available for certain accounts. If not available, we will communicate with you in English.